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Finally, finally we have our new site up and running, It may well be still a work in progress, ain't they all? but it now houses the new improved blog and twitter feed. Do please come over to the dark side (Wordpress) and leave this open house that is blogger. Farewell and god bless. We love you all. (well maybe not all of you, but that's another story)

"Greedy & contemptuous underestimation of the consumer'

Robert gives his view as to the sad demise of First Quench. Parts appear in this weeks Off Licence News. The full text below.

Great viral for new game From W+K Portland. This is a top example of the rules of the game. Good content, that rewards curiosity.
A viral is an expression of an effect, it is not a channel in its own right. People pass things along, not because they love brands, its because they love their friends. Another expression being the true meaning of a virus: They only spread when easy to transmit. (i'm going to look cool/clever if i send it on)

Dee is upsetting the balance of our Last.FM stats

Just noticed the results of our recent Last.FM stats are being stuffed by Dees devotion to Bono, see below.

Office playlist 25/11/09

Office playlist 25/11/09, originally uploaded by t7F London.

Just to mix up the arguments over what to put on Spotify we are working our way through; The top 50 albums of the decade mixed with the top 100 albums of all time. We all get x3 veto's each which is looking hard with at least two Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits and Coldplay still to go!

Nifty bit of 'Clean Advertising'

Waitrose is promoting its new store in Clerkenwell with a green marketing campaign.

Customers will be pointed in the direction of the store by 'Clean Advertising' stencilled adverts on the pavement.
Thirty ad messages have been created in addition to a 50 ft image of baguettes projected onto a nearby building. Appearing after dusk for two weeks, the image will ensure that customers go into the store on their way home from work.

2012 looking frightenly real

Great set of images of the new Olympic park seen at Event magazine. Fuelled by the negativity of the Daily Mail style Olympic naysayers, I am really rather excited by the prospects of the London games. Can't wait for whole circus to kick-off.

5 reason's why creatives hate working for you.

Nigel Collins has a neat take on the 'how to deal with creatives' mantra. (Highlighted by Jenny Blair at Major Players) As ever its the comments after that provide as much joy. full article HERE. But in summary; Be nice, vary the tasks you set, don't expect 9-5 and pay well. -easy.

"...Leading creative people is like herding cats. They sometimes appear to be all over the place, to be mischievous, off in their own worlds, extremely curious and can be a tad hard to manage at times. But your business needs them and they need you, and when you get to understand and know creative people, gain their confidence and respect, then extraordinary things happen..." (more)

Man in the Dark (or curly whirly man as I like to call him)

Look what we just found. Very cool & hypnotic!

Man in the Dark

Snap Happy

We recently entered a photography competition where our entry was to depict life in the office from 9-5. Although we didn't win (not surprising really when the rest of the entrants were mostly photographers!) a selection of Dee's efforts where commended and displayed in an exhibition at the British Design Museum. Amazing what you can achieve with a £50 Kodak camera that has the remnants of many a night out stuck to it.

Harman Kardon / Range Rover display in Harrods

A short film we made about Harman Kardon's new audio system for the Range Rover is being shown in a special display in Harrods windows. Pictures HERE

A Branded Fly!

Dee found this amazing clip about branding on flies at a German trade show. A very big WTF with regards animal (?) ethics etc, but for lateral thinking alone, top marks. -we resist the countless pun opportunities. Details from the client; Eichborn The Publisher. To promote their exhibition stand at the Franfurt Book Fair, prepared 200 flies with an ultra light banner. The banner was attached with natural wax (!) After a short time the banner dropped off by itself. And the flies were not harmed.

Endless freshness

Just seen this very good ambient for Clorets in China. Found via

Steve Levine film

We are making a series of short films for Harman Kardon at the moment with music producer Steve Levine. While it is true Steve is a Grammy award winning producer of countless hits its the fact he worked on the first Clash album that really appealed to me.
Steve Levine & Philip Slade

Client V Designer, thanks to Ron S for pointing it out

like Mashable but without the ads
This is another trend/latest web high lighter, almost as good as mashable but without the ads
Worth 15 minutes of your day, or in their words; Irie is an international Web Design portal featuring cutting-edge websites, ideas that hold water and images that last.irie is both: a source for Web Design inspiration and a Web Design showcase covering the best websites, best microsites, best promotional sites and campaigns on a daily basis. Plus looks like its part of the same gang that produce a fab photo reference site

Good placement for our new Zantac campaign

Note the position of both Steve Harmison's and our models arms!

Larking about in the Black Forest

IMG_0247, originally uploaded by piehead.

Spent a few days last week in a very pretty bit of Germany making a film about an amazing bit of audio technology called Halosonic. A joint collaboration between Lotus Engineering and Harman International. However the second most eyecatching thing of the trip was the Avis car pool at Stuttgart airport. Not only a couple of Porsche Panamare's but a GT3 with roll cage and racing gloves neatly folded on the drivers seat!

Deadlines Deadlines

Last day before MCCA Best Awards deadline, are we ready? are we? lets just say the 'late' entry deadline of next Thursday is look more and more appealing

Our new Zantac campaign has just gone live.

Good use of left hand page position with our new Zantac creative. The campaign is going to run until the end of December. This comes in a set of four image versions, all photography by Charlotte Tolhurst, who normally shoots gorgeous food. The shoot was arranged by freelance production manager Samantha Adam, a really useful find and an absolute star to work with.

Twitter Trend Topics + Google Maps + Geek = Woooah

This is another wonderful way to while away the time you should be finishing that report. A lovely looking mashup of Maps and Twitter trending topics data (plus a bunch of clever geek stuff) Good contextual use of the BBC news feed as well (currently covering tweet reaction to the momentous news Chas & Dave are retiring).
A good spot via Mashable
"..Trendsmap is the loving work of Stateless Systems, creators of RetailMeNot amongst other things. This remarkable vision couldn't exist without our extraordinary software engineers, Twitter's open data policy, Google Maps, What The Trend and anyone who ever tweets..."

Telegraph online features a quote from us.

The posters, devised by M&C Saatchi, evoke the ‘guilt’ of shoppers who advice on expensive purchases such as flatscreen televisions in helpful High Street stores and then buy them cheaper online.

The self-deprecating tag line, ‘The Last Place You Want To Go’, is a nod to the store’s poor reputation for service when it used to be a High Street retailer.

Philip Slade, creative director of promotions agency t7F London, said: “As a sign of creativity it is better than the corporate whimsy that dominated so many ads last year. This could be corporate turning point for the Dixons: open and honest about what they actually are and facing up to the reality of online shopping habits.”

Olivier Blanchard : Basics Of Social Media R.O.I

A good view on the realities of getting a social media budget approved, worth noting that with the explosion in SM projects, there is a parallel increase in creative ways to explain it.

The continued rise and importance of the Socialnetworkosphere*

* = soon to be a real word, honest.

The actions of Facebook users have become too important for brands to ignore.

The temptation is to address the users1 rather than the circumstances that drive its popularity2.

Facebook is not the answer, It’s the social skill it teaches3 that brands need to understand.

1. = Theo Papitis interview in The Daily Mail Online

2. = Dr Norman Lewis on

3. = Marta Kavan of Espresso (

Front page of the new IPA web site with an ad for our new Account Director

There is a lot you can say about the IPA having been less than in touch with innovations in communication. But the new site that launched the other day is actually rather good. Feels a lot more like actual humans are behind the organisation from the look of the front page, unfortunately going in deeper and you are confronted by a sea of grey blocky type which is a shame. But a good change for the better. -and yes I know this post comes with full 'Glass houses' inclinations.

Augmented Reality (AR) applications launch on the iPhone.

This is going to be huge

While I have spent years getting excited by the possibilities of mobile apps like semapedia, (unlike most of my clients, who dispite my best efforts, passed on the opportunities). Now with the launch of a raft of genuine AR apps Like this from DiscoverAnywhere there appears to be a real case for commercial use. While it is true the actual audience of iPhone & Android users is really small compared with total universe of mobile (cell) phones, in time this should be the standard for 'whats that?' questions in the street. The answer being you aim your phone at the object and heh presto the phone overlays a label telling price, location, availability or simply its name.

Very interesting that Amazons tech division A9 have brought Snaptell, which basically puts Amazons prices and availability information over the top of any item you see in a shop, (currently only works in the US)

Like most people I often emerge from a station and ponder where is? (the nearest bar) having an interactive live map to overlay reality is a fantastic bit of black magic to delight. This last bit, is in my opinion, the key to any new techs ability to succeed, is it a joy to use and do you want to tell you mates about it?

Just look at the footage below of the trial AR feature, yes you really do have to shake the phone three times for it to show the hidden button, how charming is that? -there is also a neat London Bus AR demo HERE from Presselite. The Next Web has a bit about a live tweeter layer which could see even more tourists actually being hit by buses (while tweeting), the guys at Presslite had us tracking.

(reposted from Piehead blog;

social networks popularity by search intensity

Like the man says, lets not get too excited by Twitter - neat.

"..Putting social network popularity and the recent rise of twitter into perspective

Visit my website for more visualisations

Uploaded by mkandlez on 11 Jul 09, 5.10PM BST. .."

Song lyric visualiser
This is really rather nice, distracting in a Friday kind of way. Links words across songs with a lovely flowing action. Like the typography. Does need a bigger data base, the current selections are very reflective of its ultra conservative sponsor 'Hard Rock Cafe' (its one Clash track is however - 'I'm so bored with the USA'!)

"..we're going down the pub.." -or rather your post is.

Not that I need anymore reasons to spend time in bars, but this is a really neat idea.
Use Your
Rather than spend Saturday morning's queuing up at the Post Office to collect parcels that have been delivered while you are at work. Get them sent to your local pub, pick up on way home, stop for a quick drink to thank the landlord, genius! Nobel prize's have been given for less.

The scheme is backed by Scottish & Newcastle (now part of the Heineken group) appears to have been thought as a way of giving country pubs another offer, to me the big pull is for urban pubs/bars, As I have ranted about before the parcel delivery service is just out of wack with modern work patterns. The Saturday queue at the Clapham Post Office is daunting if you don't arrive by 8 a.m. having the option of going to the pub instead, now that is an advancement for mankind.

Sorry about the out of office reply(s) ?

mmmm I may have sent a large number of my contacts multiple 'out-of-office' replies by mistake, the curse of trying to be clever with email late at night after a very long day, sorry again chaps, won't happen again (well not for two weeks at least as I'm off on hols)

Another great portfolio from China

This is yet another really good motion graphic portfolio from China.
Xiaosi an Art Director from Bejing.

New Job?

Account Director (£45K) needed to help manage expanding client base.
Entrepreneurial self-starter with a good understanding of how small agencies operate.

We are looking for a creatively minded, inquisitive thinker to join a small multi-discipline team. You should have a strong interest in the changing nature of today’s communications.

You will have already had responsibility for day-to-day management on a portfolio of client accounts. Now seeking a greater autonomy and a bigger contribution to the running of an agency.

We are: t7F London.

We call ourselves brand strategists for the real world. We develop and launch challenger brands. We re-focus and re-energise tired or maturing brands. We realise our ideas across whichever media channel is appropriate from broadcast to social networks.

Our work is very varied but can be categorised as dealing with ‘awkward’ market conditions. For instance: an online navigation and music discovery mash-up for Harman Kardon; a TV spot and social network activity for FRONTLINE Spot-on; a Facebook campaign for First Drinks Brands; and the launch of a new weight management product, Appesat, using press, posters and online.

t7F London is part of The Terrace, a group of three owner-managed communication agencies.

AW Media founded in 1987 and still going strong as a full service media independent.

Nextdoor a new digital media specialist. Planning, buying and creating.

t7F London was founded by Robert Thackery and Philip Slade, there is a whole load more online if you look.

Ask 500 (well mostly 20) People

Instant polling from (almost) 500 souls online.
A great idea for a web site, not fully doing its bit yet. Still a rather fun way of gleaning instant info from a mainly American audience. Do like the new business feature for brands to ask questions

Good ad placement

Interesting ad placement above the Appesat strip...

Back from Cornwall, introducing my city dog to the joys of cows & mud, you can see her response.

Its that time of year

We are just about to go head long into degree show frenzy, Its that great time of year when all the pent up student energy and passion gets released on a generally indifferent world.
One of our placement students from last year, has a good blog backing his degree show. Called Diablogue

-that ok George? can we have the beer now.

It must be Friday

Working on a pitch for a haircare brand, came across this image - it really must be Friday

Frontline Spot On TV ad

We're very excited on the 7th floor today as we've just sent out all the tapes for the Frontline Spot On ad, which is due to air over the next 6 months, starting on 13th April. Final sign-off came four days ago so we're all very pleased.

Look out on ITV, Five, Five Digital, UKTV, Channel 4 Digital and Sky.

Today we shall be Rockstars*

well according to Slideshare anyway, Looks like over 1000 peeps looked at our creds in just 2 days. wow, so where are all the new business leads??

New, Discover The World TV ad

If you were watching the recent Billy Connolly series, about his trip around the North Pole, hopefully you noticed our new ad for travel company, Discover The World. The whole thing was conceived, written and produced in a couple of weeks (for an extremely tight budget!) Big thanks to Addiction for getting us out of a tight spot (yet again)

Paying for ideas? or a seamless extension to a clients marketing department?

New agency types like and are trying the paying for ideas route. Is this the way to break out of the current cycle of bogus pitches and constant 'cost reviews'?
Clients have been shedding staff from marketing departments at a rapid rate. Now more than ever you have brands that need complete support. A great idea poorly carried through will do as much damage as shallow thinking wrapped up in gorgeous execution.
We are in an amazing year for opportunities, media costs have never been lower, clients have never been more open to 'plan B' thinking. It might not be like the '70s golden age of advertising buoyed up by tobacco money. But I do see it as a golden age of communications. Clever smart messaging that reassures consumers they are making the right brand choice.
>posted on Piehead blog as well

Page take over

rather sweet page take over for Harman Kardon today on

Rather fun annimated sign-up screen for BHF

This is a very neat bit of work from the British Heart Foundation, seen via the ever informative ACEjet170.
-also posted Nextdoor

Woooah! Finalist's in the Revolution Awards

This is very good indeed, Amplified Journeys has been voted a finalist in the Revolution Awards. We are in the automotive category up against the likes of AKQA, Collective and The Reading Room. oh and the PR outfit we work with on Amplified Journeys, Focus PR with their work for Lotus.
The big night is March 2o, Grosvenor House.


Now this really is turning out to be a good day (we also won a new client but that's hush at the mo')
The very fab trend spotter site Springwise has just featured Amplified "...Music and travelling have always been a natural mix, so what better way to advertise Harman Kardon's products—and create some nice goodwill—than by giving away a little musical free love? This could become hygiene in the trip-planning world!...."

Everyone likes to a win a prize

Woop Woop we have just won an award for our DEXTRO Energy campaign. At last nights pharmacy industry event The SMaRT awards. We picked up a gold for best campaign on a small budget. More details soon.

Snow tagging by Curb

Well it looks as if a few media folk were actually working on Monday. Curb were out on the streets snow tagging. A very neat idea, seen on Piehead blog via

London's first annual mass skive

Back in the office after taking part in London's mass skive.
Actually the day turned out into something of a spontaneous party, after a couple of intensive hours competitive snowman building (hats off to the team that built the full size igloo!) The workers of Clapham did what anyone would while 'working from home' - and went to the pub. Massive party atmosphere most unlike any Monday I've seen before.

not in Las Vegas

well didnt get to CES, rainy London instead, mmmm

The end of Newspapers?

Genna at AW Media recently posed a couple of neat questions about the UK Newspaper market. Based on the story about the New York Times going totally digital by 2010. In the UK this raises the question of where the hell are the Mail going to get shot of the gazillion DVD's they have?

Recent news stories have said the New York Times will be entirely digital by 2010.

This has raised some interesting questions across a number of blogs / articles…

Is this the end of the hard copy? What hard items would you miss the most – CD’s, Sunday Papers, Books???

With the credit crunch hitting media owners, are we likely to see big name media owners going out of business in 2009?

Is the civilized ritual of Sunday papers outdated in a digital world?

Will the pressure of fast deadline online news pieces foster a lazy journalism that leads to a reduction in trust and the perceived value of journalism.

The really interesting article linked takes a stab at questioning a few of these issues (from an American perspective) – what’s the UK one?

Genna Trentham
Media Director

e-cards are not Christmas

Can i suggest that for 2009 we all revert to sending bits of card and paper to each other? Whats more lets do it in the first week of January 2010.
Seasonal e-cards are generally just so pants (see below) Spending the first working hours of 2009 clearing your in-box of polar bear/Santa games/puzzles/dull animations that reveal (wait for it) Happy Christmas, yeah well, ho ho ho I'm not amused. Bah humbug to the whole thing. New Year cards that's where 2009 is at. Cheer everyone up with your thoughts on the coming excitement (!) of the new year.