few words many slides

Big debate in the office right now over Powerpoint presentations. Single words and a bunch of images from Flickr or blocks of type with a few words picked out. The beauty of the latter is not having to prepare a separate handout - however I do like the drama of a single word slide. Two examples below. The first (How brands are built) with loads of text per slide that somehow still works and another (The future of ...) a triumph of sparseness. Finally I have put a link to one of the best presentations on presentations I have seen in a long while.

The futures bright, the futures yellow.

Working with a couple of fashion stylist's / designers. CHECKINIT. Completely barking in the best possible way. So much energy you have to limit meeting times to 20 minutes or you are left exhausted. Huge fun however.

Best use of small space?

Fresh and Green, originally uploaded by t7F London.

Fresh and Green had a really clean, uncluttered (but very small) space at the Natural & Organic show*.

In amongst all the alternative snack bars (all taste like straw) and very earnest producers were the F&G stand. Really stood out with a clear message.

*Olympia 13-14 April

Hug Your Pet

OOh go on, you know you want to. We launched a fab set of sites today for our client Merial.

Hug Your Dog
Hug Your Cat

Its all a bit of a cute overload - as well as being rather a neat way to talk about a dull subject (flea and tick prevention)
We based the whole thing on doing the one thing you can't do if you don't look after your pets coat - give it a great big hug.
We Added a photo competition and other links for stickiness. The photo gallery features the puppy that I'm thinking of getting (my first ever dog!)

Suzie Halewood

The very lush look of our Fresh and Green TV spot is all down to Suzie Halewood.
A very top lady who came with both an amazing camera team and lighting guys.
She has just finished a feature called Bigga Than Ben starring Ben Barnes and Andrei Chadov. A jolly tale of how to rip off London. Based on the infamous book of the same name.

Fresh and Green TV spot

Finally a whole year after we shot it our Fresh and Green commercial is on air. The brand is having a big push at the Natural & Organic show at Olympia this week as well.

Olympic mugging

vanessa_may_olympic_torch.JPG, originally uploaded by piehead.

Wooah, getting close to the action (by accident) Found ourselves a bit too close to the Free Tibet Torch Procession yesterday. You can just make out Vanessa May getting the Olympic Torch pulled out of her hands by an over enthusiastic Olympic 'guard' who is after a speeding change as a ton of protesters were bearing down on the situation (note dismounted police bike guard as well)