Media Futures Conference 2008 - tidying up the loose ends

One of the problems with racing from one project to another is you often leave a few loose ends. Nico Macdonald (pulled MFC08 together and acted as genial host) has encouraged me to place links to my slides and images etc. My SLIDES here (also on slideshare) Flickr set HERE, Me in action HERE, Great bit on 'free' web from Alan Patrick at BroadsightHERE. More notes HERE.

Two points from the conference still on my mind.

1. The non-liberating effect of technology in communications. In other words the lack of mass availability, understanding or affordability rather than what any box or service can actually do.

2. Why do at least three speakers at every technology conference talk about their kids using DVD players?

conferance stories MFC08

Odd multi tasking audience. -final session under way.
People here are on Twitter (passing notes in class) some posting to flickr (hand drawn sign 'this is dull') others blogging including video streaming from each talk.
Which gives me the overall impression no one is actually listening to any of the speakers.
My Talk went ok, short round of applause, a bunch of questions and 14 minutes later I was off. -good experience all in all, including some one passing me a note to say i was the best dressed person here (stuff the technology feel the cloth)

Media Futures Conference 2008

This post during first coffee break, Just heard Dr Brian Winston. Professor of Communications University of Lincoln. He spoke about known knowns and unknowns in relation to technology and change. A neat theory that generated a bunch of questions from the floor of extremely variable standard. A good strand was about seeing the pace of change in society verse's its ability to embrace democracy.

Yes, that is sand on the floor!

Bar Show 2008. Who needs contract carpets when you can call Wickes

Heros and villians

fiona & philip, originally uploaded by t7F London.

fiona & philip

BAR Show today

Woop Woop.

Neat illustrator

Austin Shaw seems a talented chap, despite his fondness for jazz I really like his work.

A pink Golddigga and The Winking Willy

gd_car_Scarb_Wink, originally uploaded by t7F London.

Scarborough, where else? -its also Philip's home town.