The end of Newspapers?

Genna at AW Media recently posed a couple of neat questions about the UK Newspaper market. Based on the story about the New York Times going totally digital by 2010. In the UK this raises the question of where the hell are the Mail going to get shot of the gazillion DVD's they have?

Recent news stories have said the New York Times will be entirely digital by 2010.

This has raised some interesting questions across a number of blogs / articles…

Is this the end of the hard copy? What hard items would you miss the most – CD’s, Sunday Papers, Books???

With the credit crunch hitting media owners, are we likely to see big name media owners going out of business in 2009?

Is the civilized ritual of Sunday papers outdated in a digital world?

Will the pressure of fast deadline online news pieces foster a lazy journalism that leads to a reduction in trust and the perceived value of journalism.

The really interesting article linked takes a stab at questioning a few of these issues (from an American perspective) – what’s the UK one?

Genna Trentham
Media Director

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