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Finally, finally we have our new site up and running, It may well be still a work in progress, ain't they all? but it now houses the new improved blog and twitter feed. Do please come over to the dark side (Wordpress) and leave this open house that is blogger. Farewell and god bless. We love you all. (well maybe not all of you, but that's another story)

"Greedy & contemptuous underestimation of the consumer'

Robert gives his view as to the sad demise of First Quench. Parts appear in this weeks Off Licence News. The full text below.

Great viral for new game From W+K Portland. This is a top example of the rules of the game. Good content, that rewards curiosity.
A viral is an expression of an effect, it is not a channel in its own right. People pass things along, not because they love brands, its because they love their friends. Another expression being the true meaning of a virus: They only spread when easy to transmit. (i'm going to look cool/clever if i send it on)

Dee is upsetting the balance of our Last.FM stats

Just noticed the results of our recent Last.FM stats are being stuffed by Dees devotion to Bono, see below.

Office playlist 25/11/09

Office playlist 25/11/09, originally uploaded by t7F London.

Just to mix up the arguments over what to put on Spotify we are working our way through; The top 50 albums of the decade mixed with the top 100 albums of all time. We all get x3 veto's each which is looking hard with at least two Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits and Coldplay still to go!

Nifty bit of 'Clean Advertising'

Waitrose is promoting its new store in Clerkenwell with a green marketing campaign.

Customers will be pointed in the direction of the store by 'Clean Advertising' stencilled adverts on the pavement.
Thirty ad messages have been created in addition to a 50 ft image of baguettes projected onto a nearby building. Appearing after dusk for two weeks, the image will ensure that customers go into the store on their way home from work.

2012 looking frightenly real

Great set of images of the new Olympic park seen at Event magazine. Fuelled by the negativity of the Daily Mail style Olympic naysayers, I am really rather excited by the prospects of the London games. Can't wait for whole circus to kick-off.

5 reason's why creatives hate working for you.

Nigel Collins has a neat take on the 'how to deal with creatives' mantra. (Highlighted by Jenny Blair at Major Players) As ever its the comments after that provide as much joy. full article HERE. But in summary; Be nice, vary the tasks you set, don't expect 9-5 and pay well. -easy.

"...Leading creative people is like herding cats. They sometimes appear to be all over the place, to be mischievous, off in their own worlds, extremely curious and can be a tad hard to manage at times. But your business needs them and they need you, and when you get to understand and know creative people, gain their confidence and respect, then extraordinary things happen..." (more)

Man in the Dark (or curly whirly man as I like to call him)

Look what we just found. Very cool & hypnotic!

Man in the Dark

Snap Happy

We recently entered a photography competition where our entry was to depict life in the office from 9-5. Although we didn't win (not surprising really when the rest of the entrants were mostly photographers!) a selection of Dee's efforts where commended and displayed in an exhibition at the British Design Museum. Amazing what you can achieve with a £50 Kodak camera that has the remnants of many a night out stuck to it.

Harman Kardon / Range Rover display in Harrods

A short film we made about Harman Kardon's new audio system for the Range Rover is being shown in a special display in Harrods windows. Pictures HERE

A Branded Fly!

Dee found this amazing clip about branding on flies at a German trade show. A very big WTF with regards animal (?) ethics etc, but for lateral thinking alone, top marks. -we resist the countless pun opportunities. Details from the client; Eichborn The Publisher. To promote their exhibition stand at the Franfurt Book Fair, prepared 200 flies with an ultra light banner. The banner was attached with natural wax (!) After a short time the banner dropped off by itself. And the flies were not harmed.

Endless freshness

Just seen this very good ambient for Clorets in China. Found via

Steve Levine film

We are making a series of short films for Harman Kardon at the moment with music producer Steve Levine. While it is true Steve is a Grammy award winning producer of countless hits its the fact he worked on the first Clash album that really appealed to me.
Steve Levine & Philip Slade

Client V Designer, thanks to Ron S for pointing it out

like Mashable but without the ads
This is another trend/latest web high lighter, almost as good as mashable but without the ads
Worth 15 minutes of your day, or in their words; Irie is an international Web Design portal featuring cutting-edge websites, ideas that hold water and images that last.irie is both: a source for Web Design inspiration and a Web Design showcase covering the best websites, best microsites, best promotional sites and campaigns on a daily basis. Plus looks like its part of the same gang that produce a fab photo reference site

Good placement for our new Zantac campaign

Note the position of both Steve Harmison's and our models arms!

Larking about in the Black Forest

IMG_0247, originally uploaded by piehead.

Spent a few days last week in a very pretty bit of Germany making a film about an amazing bit of audio technology called Halosonic. A joint collaboration between Lotus Engineering and Harman International. However the second most eyecatching thing of the trip was the Avis car pool at Stuttgart airport. Not only a couple of Porsche Panamare's but a GT3 with roll cage and racing gloves neatly folded on the drivers seat!

Deadlines Deadlines

Last day before MCCA Best Awards deadline, are we ready? are we? lets just say the 'late' entry deadline of next Thursday is look more and more appealing