Simple but brilliant film

Found via psfk a really amazing simple film advertising the portable film festival. made by Lenka Clayton and James Price.
Piers Fawkes rightly points out the comments left on youtube illustrates how individuals connect with differing images.

The scam truck

The scam truck, originally uploaded by jepoirrier.

Fab find on Flickr via Boing Boing. Jepoirrier the snapper, includes the comment below, missing the Viagra, money transfer and dick extension kit, but i guess thats all in the trailer

richcgrey says:
Its a truckload of miracle diet pills, youth preserving aids, and all the other free stuff people from Nigeria want to send you. (The driver will even refinance your mortgage )

Crazy week!

This week we have been in touch with the Pimp My Ride guys about a really exciting project involving a stretched car of some sort with lots of exterior, as well as interior pimping! Sadly(?) Tim Westwood isn't involved but the creativity in the garage is phenomenal. We've also kicked off a new web 3.0 site which we'd love to tell you more about...but can't for a couple of months, so watch this space. Also on the agenda is loads of research into social media, which means I can sit on facebook all day and not get fired...doesn't it?

A healthy body means a healthy mind (apparently) so we've also been down to Yo Sushi to eat as much as is physically possible during one's lunch hour - it's 50% off right now so it would be rude not to. I'd love to say I'm going home each night to chill but I'm flat hunting again - no rest for the wicked!!

Michael Yon

Have just come across this amazing blog by an independent embedded reporter in Iraq. Raw news from a muddled campaign most people would like to see just go away. The writer Michael Yon ex-military himself gives you a feel for the soldiers lives. You get a real sense of the dusty, confused days these blokes have to put up with. The Iraq war has shown weakness's in most of the news gathering brands, But a blog like this is a true reflection of information now.

Westport in 3D

Really incredible project between Google Earth and the people of Westport in Ireland. A complete 3D render of the whole town! Takes awhile to load but its worth it. There is a great report on how it was done on THIS web site dedicated to Geospatial Technology, includes a screen shot of the wire frame build which really has a wow factor to it. The only thing missing is that you can't go into any of the pubs.

new fashion

new fashion, originally uploaded by t7F London.

Yup, packed my bag in a hurry before jumping on the bike and guess what? a whole new fashion statement is born!

Random handbag item

tripod.JPG, originally uploaded by t7F London.

Fiona carries a mini tripod in her handbag! part weapon part (unused) still life prop

sad news

Philip at the controls, originally uploaded by t7F London.

It was with a very heavy heart that we learnt on Christmas Eve that one of our clients MAXjet had filed for chapter11. Press release HERE. I spent just over a year working on the brand. It was an amazing ride, With a whole host of one-off experiences; like getting to park a 767!

I got to work alongside some genuinely great people, who despite pretty epic external issues still managed to approach work with good humour and grace.

As with any new concept in a competitive environment advertising has to balance the needs of building a brand with the immediacy of selling tomorrows tickets. This meant none of our new campaigns ever really saw the light of day. Which for us is the biggest shame as a bold concept such as an all business class airline demands bold communications across all media.

I really will miss the challenges that the brand had to deal with, but in the mean time we've got a whole host of airline concepts looking for a home.

Free calls anyone??

Firstly, Happy New Year to you all.

Now, if like me you overdid the texting/phoning at the Bells and are dreading this month's phone bill, jump into an O2 branded cab. They have installed phones in the back of each cab and are inviting you to make free calls. Handy. Let me know the longest/furthest call you manage to make...

Back at work

London chill.JPG, originally uploaded by t7F London.

Very cold and lots to do.