Agency Christmas cards, generally pants

However a few do make it past the bin, AKQA appear to be this years stars.

ooh the charts coming me ears

yup its chartastic at the moment with presentations coming out our ears. A fine thing on Obama's use of social networks and many cuts on next years digital opportunities, all on slideshare fairly soon.

Movember - Sponsor Me Movember - Attend a Gala Parte

oh dear

yup its MOVEMBER, fab idea for raising awareness of men's health and prostrate cancer in particular. Spend November trying to grow your very own Earl / Borat face fur. Sort of like wearing a hairy ribbon. neat web site and global reach. Donate to our very own 'Seven Floors of Manliness' team here.

Back from Cambodia!

mine_cambodia-1, originally uploaded by piehead.

Normal service is resumed, I am back in the office.
- successfully managing to avoid stepping on any landmines while in Cambodia, amazing place, full story should be up at the Piehead blog when i've got a moment.

Bar codes

Just saw this Japanese barcode which is quite sweet, bringing design into an otherwise very boring item.


Long time no write so here goes...I'm off to the IPA's Night of the Adeaters tonight which promises to 'celebrate over 350 of the finest, most amazing, artistic and creative TV & cinema advertising films from around the world'. Should give lots of food for thought (no pun intended).

Off to get a jacket potato now, I'm starving...

Hug Your Pet

We have been running a small scale test campaign for Frontline flea and tick treatments. Using social media linking to a micro site, backed by a variety of online formats. Results so far appear to show it's pulled like a train. Key learning for all was just how keen pet owners are to take and share pictures of their dog or cats.

Bigga Than Ben

Saw Bigga Than Ben at a charity preview last night. This is the film written and directed by Suzie Halewood.
Based on a Russian best seller about two young guns scamming London for all its worth. Gritty, funny and very good to look at. Starring Ben Barnes (yes, Prince Caspian himself) and Andrei Chadov, I really hope the film gets a wider audience than just its current art house run. Does also feature a fab soundtrack including Joe Strummer, Pete Doherty and The Rifles, the latters' track 'Lost in London' fits perfectly.
Suzie is the charming lady who directed our Fresh & Green commercial last year, pic from shoot with Mr AWT.
Bigga Than Ben, originally uploaded by piehead.

Afternoon of company bonding (and wine)

, originally uploaded by t7F London.

rest of pictures HERE

Berlin IFA 'For what we are about to receive'

Press day at IFA, originally uploaded by piehead.

Just before going in to present Amplified Journeys to an (almost) eager audience of the great and the good. photo essay of the event HERE. Later that night manged a brief tour of Berlin bars. Photo essay of that little escapade HERE

An Amplified Journey to Berlin

Its only 11.30 and my feet are killing me! Showing the Amplified Journeys site in Berlin. We are on the huge Harman Kardon stand at the sprawling IFA exhibition in Berlin. Would have followed this up with pictures of us all in action, but like a berk I've forgotten my camera cable - some how ironic that at one of the world's leading technology shows!

Fun and games with DEXTRO Energy

A sweet little campaign we did for DEXTRO energy has had an extra boost by some genius media placement courtesy of Elliots team at AW Media. Buying space on a mixture of flex, specific and general arm twisting. Plus taking advantage of a portfolio of creative executions, led to some really eye catching work. Three stand out moments, The first being Pete Doherty's kiss and tell drugs splash ending with an 'extra oomph naturally' creative followed by an execution with the headline 'uphill battle' being placed next to the Paula Radcliffe bombing out of the marathon story. Finally in true jumping on the band wagon style we had a 'freewheel' cycle imagery spot all over the British teams gold medal stories. You can see most of the campaign HERE
However none of the above is half as funny as watching a bunch of German students really abusing DEXTRO (here) now that is a brand extension.

We're off and running

Good review on MSN today from CJ Hubbard for Amplified Journeys
"...A new form of automotive music integration has been born. Welcome to the future..."

Full review HERE

Amplified Journeys in action

Almost 18 months in the planning. is now live. here is a short film about how Amplified Journeys works. Original pitch document for the idea will be posted later is out and unleashed

We had the press launch for Harman Kardon's amplified journeys last night. A really great event in The Bluebird Dining Rooms, lots of press turned up, most things worked as planned, food was fab and the wine flowed (rather to) freely.
Tony Harberman from Harman hosted the event. Alex James (he of Blur) spoke of music and cheese and I got to show off
Focus are doing the PR and to quote "...The magic of online music discovery has now been merged with the practicalities of route navigation for the very first time in a new, unique and totally ingenious web marks the first time music and journey planning web applications have been brought together to provide web users with bespoke music playlists, which can be intrinsically linked to personal musical tastes and a planned trip..."

SeaFrance trip

Thanks for that photo below Philip, here's my revenge!!! In my defence, I had only had 4 hours sleep due to the fear of missing the alarm.

We had a great journey over on SeaFrance and spent a cracking day in Wimereux, a beautiful little seaside town about 20 minutes outside Calais. Almost missed the return ferry, turning up at Calais 10 minutes before departure...but still got on (wouldn't advise doing this as we were a tad stressed hurtling up the motorway!) Plus we clearly looked a bit on edge as we were pulled over by security twice between passport control and the ship!! Great day trip though and would highly recommend it.

A very early start

Fiona & Katy, originally uploaded by piehead.

dedication to the cause, part 5. Joint t7F London and AW Media research trip aboard SeaFrance to Calais. A very jolly day with a number of top 'incidents' -however the 6am train that kicked it all off was not that welcome by all.

Youporn takes a festive (f)tumble

Oh the joys of analytics! while the new Googletrends has invaluable use for measuring effectiveness of your campaign it also is a fab way of livening up a dull Wednesday.

Witness this screen shot showing an alarming drop in Youporn visitors over the Christmas holiday - The workers of the world (well loads of: Americas, Germans, Italians and a few Brits) obviously prefer there porn during office hours rather than interrupting carols round the log fire.
Note also the dip at Easter and 'schools effect' in the first two weeks of September.

A side note is that youporn** appears to be one of the few web2.0 adult sites - notwithstanding its gratuitous use of reflections.
(**so I am told by our hard working researchers on the subject- Craig & Nick from AW Media )

Book promotion

This is a neat idea, frustrated author gives book away to gain reviews. There is a linking blog HERE
I have seen 'pass-it-on' type promotions before but this seems much more of a personal journey for the author - all the more real for it. Book seen just of Bloomsbury Square by the way.

View Larger Map

The Shelf Awards

Last night saw the final of the Shelf Awards, Gary Sharpen's idea to promote the best students into the limelight. Major Players did the business with making it happen, as well as stumping up the bar tab for the finals! The winners Cass Fergusan & Chris McKee ( & should be watched with care they are going to be something in the not to distant future. I also really liked Laura Evans and Harry Stanfords Babybell sculptures idea. Pictures HERE

Share the love! this is the feed i was talking about below.

Twitter saves the day(s) -well minus losing the client bit

I have in the past been rather down on the whole Twitter malarky, '...little more than passing notes in class..' I believe I wrote, however due to work pressures** I am having to skip this weeks excellent 2gether08 ideas conference. But lo! i shall not miss the ball, as I am actually following the whole thing via Twitter in real time and then cross referencing to the speakers and /or blog comments mean i can pretty much keep abreast of some of the great thinking featured. NOT a convert to Twitter - just a grateful user! (neat how-to Twitter HERE) Thanks to David willcox.

** second client in a year to go into admistration, glory be, we've really upset the gods this week.

Orange balloon race

Did anyone else take part in the Orange balloon race? I half wish I had shown more dedication to the cause given the prize was a week in sunny Ibiza with a load of friends. Still, my racoon (Cederic Sneer - remember him?) finished in the top decile - not too bad out of over 30,000 racers - and given the fact I obviously have a full-time job!
Right, I'm off to re-live my childhood with 80's cartoons...

am I missing something? Pimms Vs Club 18-30

The current Pimms ad appears to be just a poor copy of the famous Saatchi's club 18 - 30 campaign or have I missed something? The Pimms ad shows a nudist beach (just in case we missed this there is a sign in the background 'Naturist Beach') everyones rude bits are then covered up by objects in frame. Only its not as subtle or funny as the Club 18-30 version, what's going on? -is it some kind of in joke? Really does not seem to hang together with the rest of the Pimms campaign featuring a festival bus and online sunshine spotter.

Media Futures Conference 2008 - tidying up the loose ends

One of the problems with racing from one project to another is you often leave a few loose ends. Nico Macdonald (pulled MFC08 together and acted as genial host) has encouraged me to place links to my slides and images etc. My SLIDES here (also on slideshare) Flickr set HERE, Me in action HERE, Great bit on 'free' web from Alan Patrick at BroadsightHERE. More notes HERE.

Two points from the conference still on my mind.

1. The non-liberating effect of technology in communications. In other words the lack of mass availability, understanding or affordability rather than what any box or service can actually do.

2. Why do at least three speakers at every technology conference talk about their kids using DVD players?

conferance stories MFC08

Odd multi tasking audience. -final session under way.
People here are on Twitter (passing notes in class) some posting to flickr (hand drawn sign 'this is dull') others blogging including video streaming from each talk.
Which gives me the overall impression no one is actually listening to any of the speakers.
My Talk went ok, short round of applause, a bunch of questions and 14 minutes later I was off. -good experience all in all, including some one passing me a note to say i was the best dressed person here (stuff the technology feel the cloth)

Media Futures Conference 2008

This post during first coffee break, Just heard Dr Brian Winston. Professor of Communications University of Lincoln. He spoke about known knowns and unknowns in relation to technology and change. A neat theory that generated a bunch of questions from the floor of extremely variable standard. A good strand was about seeing the pace of change in society verse's its ability to embrace democracy.

Yes, that is sand on the floor!

Bar Show 2008. Who needs contract carpets when you can call Wickes

Heros and villians

fiona & philip, originally uploaded by t7F London.

fiona & philip

BAR Show today

Woop Woop.

Neat illustrator

Austin Shaw seems a talented chap, despite his fondness for jazz I really like his work.

A pink Golddigga and The Winking Willy

gd_car_Scarb_Wink, originally uploaded by t7F London.

Scarborough, where else? -its also Philip's home town.

A brand that really cares for its customers

Not quite broken down, yet., originally uploaded by piehead.

The AA, Coming to the rescue whether you have a car or not!

Is that pink enough sir?

Our golddigga Q7 had its first outing at the Radio1 Big Weekend. What you might call rather pink. Due to be seen (hopefully) all over the UK this summer. Jamie at Carisma Automotive did the business with a vinyl wrap.
While Fiona was driving it down she was approached by the Highway patrol at a service station who remarked '...what a fantastic vehicle you have...' we're still debating whether that was irony or not.

Cans Festival Waterloo

, originally uploaded by piehead.

My Flickr set HERE of The Cans street stencil event last weekend. Video of event HERE

woooah, sun!

Today we'll be mainly working with the window open! -aircons not back on after its winter hibernation

Find your self

Now this is cool, an aggregator that actually works. Type any term or phrase to see a comprehensive list of its mentions across the web. Fab for research, but even better for checking how often your own name crops up across the net!

Starbucks innovation?

Bland Paul McCartney CD's aside, Starbucks is on something of an reinvention frenzy right now. The new iphone 'order and pay' system is rather neat. Considering the efforts the brand is putting into 'keeping it real' I really think that technological innovation is a better route than trying to re-invent its folksy past. There has been a huge amount written about how the brand was going to refocus and better understand its heritage. BUT the brand can't walk away from the strong feelings it imparts across Europe. It is an American brand. Unlike the blandness of Costa or the almost Italian of Nero's. Starbucks is a grown up corporation, albeit in jeans. I certainly would be warmer towards the outlets if they pushed technological innovation over a reworked pseudo Friends 'local'
Design of iphone interface shown on:

GENOCO by Phil Lu. All Rights Reserved. |

Great illustration

Fits the mood of today, a very sunny outlook. Brand Nu ( Radim Mallinic ) represented by Jellylondon

few words many slides

Big debate in the office right now over Powerpoint presentations. Single words and a bunch of images from Flickr or blocks of type with a few words picked out. The beauty of the latter is not having to prepare a separate handout - however I do like the drama of a single word slide. Two examples below. The first (How brands are built) with loads of text per slide that somehow still works and another (The future of ...) a triumph of sparseness. Finally I have put a link to one of the best presentations on presentations I have seen in a long while.

The futures bright, the futures yellow.

Working with a couple of fashion stylist's / designers. CHECKINIT. Completely barking in the best possible way. So much energy you have to limit meeting times to 20 minutes or you are left exhausted. Huge fun however.

Best use of small space?

Fresh and Green, originally uploaded by t7F London.

Fresh and Green had a really clean, uncluttered (but very small) space at the Natural & Organic show*.

In amongst all the alternative snack bars (all taste like straw) and very earnest producers were the F&G stand. Really stood out with a clear message.

*Olympia 13-14 April

Hug Your Pet

OOh go on, you know you want to. We launched a fab set of sites today for our client Merial.

Hug Your Dog
Hug Your Cat

Its all a bit of a cute overload - as well as being rather a neat way to talk about a dull subject (flea and tick prevention)
We based the whole thing on doing the one thing you can't do if you don't look after your pets coat - give it a great big hug.
We Added a photo competition and other links for stickiness. The photo gallery features the puppy that I'm thinking of getting (my first ever dog!)

Suzie Halewood

The very lush look of our Fresh and Green TV spot is all down to Suzie Halewood.
A very top lady who came with both an amazing camera team and lighting guys.
She has just finished a feature called Bigga Than Ben starring Ben Barnes and Andrei Chadov. A jolly tale of how to rip off London. Based on the infamous book of the same name.

Fresh and Green TV spot

Finally a whole year after we shot it our Fresh and Green commercial is on air. The brand is having a big push at the Natural & Organic show at Olympia this week as well.

Olympic mugging

vanessa_may_olympic_torch.JPG, originally uploaded by piehead.

Wooah, getting close to the action (by accident) Found ourselves a bit too close to the Free Tibet Torch Procession yesterday. You can just make out Vanessa May getting the Olympic Torch pulled out of her hands by an over enthusiastic Olympic 'guard' who is after a speeding change as a ton of protesters were bearing down on the situation (note dismounted police bike guard as well)

Robert gets the beers in

Robertgetsthebeersin, originally uploaded by t7F London.

Post pitch beers in Malmaison Reading

Check the wheels on that!

.JPG, originally uploaded by t7F London.

Great meeting with Jamie Shaw of Carisma discussing our golddigga car project (no not the GTR mod in the background)
Jamie was the real deal, someone totally into their work. A great chap with loads of energy, we are really looking forward to working with them, although they could do with getting some heating in the workshops.
N.B. Carisma are the boys who build all the cars for MTV's Pimp My Ride UK

Childhood heroes

Lenin_Philip, originally uploaded by t7F London.

Yup me and Lenin. On MCCA duties at Avalon Entertainment meeting with the very funny Dave Gorman. Random fact we both wear the same Muji watch.

Quiet night out at The Theme Bar awards

Philip_SamS, originally uploaded by t7F London.

The ever charming Sam Surl takes charge of our entertainment at the Theme Bar awards Jan 2008