An Amplified Journey to Berlin

Its only 11.30 and my feet are killing me! Showing the Amplified Journeys site in Berlin. We are on the huge Harman Kardon stand at the sprawling IFA exhibition in Berlin. Would have followed this up with pictures of us all in action, but like a berk I've forgotten my camera cable - some how ironic that at one of the world's leading technology shows!

Fun and games with DEXTRO Energy

A sweet little campaign we did for DEXTRO energy has had an extra boost by some genius media placement courtesy of Elliots team at AW Media. Buying space on a mixture of flex, specific and general arm twisting. Plus taking advantage of a portfolio of creative executions, led to some really eye catching work. Three stand out moments, The first being Pete Doherty's kiss and tell drugs splash ending with an 'extra oomph naturally' creative followed by an execution with the headline 'uphill battle' being placed next to the Paula Radcliffe bombing out of the marathon story. Finally in true jumping on the band wagon style we had a 'freewheel' cycle imagery spot all over the British teams gold medal stories. You can see most of the campaign HERE
However none of the above is half as funny as watching a bunch of German students really abusing DEXTRO (here) now that is a brand extension.

We're off and running

Good review on MSN today from CJ Hubbard for Amplified Journeys
"...A new form of automotive music integration has been born. Welcome to the future..."

Full review HERE

Amplified Journeys in action

Almost 18 months in the planning. is now live. here is a short film about how Amplified Journeys works. Original pitch document for the idea will be posted later is out and unleashed

We had the press launch for Harman Kardon's amplified journeys last night. A really great event in The Bluebird Dining Rooms, lots of press turned up, most things worked as planned, food was fab and the wine flowed (rather to) freely.
Tony Harberman from Harman hosted the event. Alex James (he of Blur) spoke of music and cheese and I got to show off
Focus are doing the PR and to quote "...The magic of online music discovery has now been merged with the practicalities of route navigation for the very first time in a new, unique and totally ingenious web marks the first time music and journey planning web applications have been brought together to provide web users with bespoke music playlists, which can be intrinsically linked to personal musical tastes and a planned trip..."