sad news

Philip at the controls, originally uploaded by t7F London.

It was with a very heavy heart that we learnt on Christmas Eve that one of our clients MAXjet had filed for chapter11. Press release HERE. I spent just over a year working on the brand. It was an amazing ride, With a whole host of one-off experiences; like getting to park a 767!

I got to work alongside some genuinely great people, who despite pretty epic external issues still managed to approach work with good humour and grace.

As with any new concept in a competitive environment advertising has to balance the needs of building a brand with the immediacy of selling tomorrows tickets. This meant none of our new campaigns ever really saw the light of day. Which for us is the biggest shame as a bold concept such as an all business class airline demands bold communications across all media.

I really will miss the challenges that the brand had to deal with, but in the mean time we've got a whole host of airline concepts looking for a home.

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