Nostalgia in the air tonight

Ok to make up for my lack of blogging the last couple of weeks this one might be a bit longer than usual, so here goes...

It seems that a lot of players in adland are looking back to their youth for creative inspiration. Take Cadbury's Dairy Milk, for example. Love or hate Phil Collins, 'In the Air Tonight' is a cracking song and provides a powerful soundtrack to the gorilla ad. It takes me back to my days at home with Ma & Pa in the 80's, waiting for the cassette to load Horace Goes Skiing on my Sinclair Spectrum whilst attempting to master my Rubik's Cube. I digress...

Cadbury's have also re-launched, thanks to popular demand, the Wispa (I'm still hoping they bring back the Wispa Gold). The supporting campaign is based around an 80's revival for which they have a great interactive section on their website. No great surprise there perhaps but they've been a bit cleverer than most and created a facebook application which, if you sign up, is visible to everyone who looks at your profile page instead of being relegated to your groups list. Check out the sweatband!!

I recently saw the Aquafresh animated family ad again which I wish they would show every year around Christmas as it was done by Raymond Briggs, creator of The Snowman and again, takes me back to my childhood.

Finally on this theme of nostalgia, here is a fab Mini ad that aired in early November.

Over and out!

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