Gorilla ad parody

Vic wrote a post a few weeks back on the Cadbury's gorilla ad which has been taking the nation by storm, and we thought it was great how they put a message to our rugby boys on the drum kit during the world cup. Further to this, there are around 25 parodies floating around on YouTube and Philip's favourite is of course...the Wonderbra version - quelle surprise!

Speaking of Cadbury's, the Wispa has been re-launched which pleases Vic and myself greatly! I just hope they bring back Wispa Gold.

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philip said...

i didn't say the Wonderbra was my favorite - just it was a fun idea. (The stuffed toy version is way better ) although no where near as clever as this Citroen ad from Brazil -similar idea much smarter excution. (http://www.bannerblog.com.au/2007/09/citroen_running.php )