Sport fever

October 4th, 2007

It's all hotting up in the office. With an exciting weekend of Rugby World Cup action almost upon us, there are some 'discussions' going on in the office. Philip is adamant that Scotland are going to be packing their bags on Sunday (I don't disagree that it would take a minor miracle for us to stay in the tournament) but it's the huge grin on his face when he says it that gets me! Monday morning in the office will be certainly be interesting...

I'm off to Cardiff on Saturday for the All Blacks v France game and we're hiring a bus to take a load of us there. The plan is to stop off along the way for a spot of lunch while watching the England v Australia game (how exciting will that be?!) and then to Millennium Stadium which will be an experience in itself. Going out with a Kiwi, I guess I'll be supporting the All Blacks even although I watched them beat us at Murrayfield recently. I don't think the 35 All Black supporters I'll be travelling with will let me support anyone else.

And so onto football. Well, what can I say? Have you seen the Group B results table for the European Cup qualifiers?

European Championship Qualifying : Group B Table

Who would have thought/predicted/dreamt that fine looking set of results? Us Scots aren't kidding ourselves that it could all turn around very easily, but we're quietly proud that we've got this far.

Rangers Football Club did us Scots proud on Tuesday night too. Lyon (French Champions) 0 - 3 Rangers FC. And although it pains me to admit, Celtic also did rather well last night. So, is Scottish football starting to be taken more seriously again? Philip mentioned this morning that he's going to take a much more active role as a Celtic fan now that they're doing well (fairweather fan methinks). I'm not sure if this is due to his secret love of Celtic or to wind me up!


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