Football Superstars

July 13th, 2007

Football Superstars

Whilst doing some sports research for a drinks company the other day, a colleague, Mike Condon, told me about this fantastic new game set to launch Spring 2008. This game (Football Superstars) would interest any male under the age of 30 who loves football. A cold shivers running down my spine just thinking about it. A game that incorporates second life and pro other words you get to live life, virtual, like a footballer.

Football Superstars will capture both the magic of the beautiful game on the pitch and also bring football lifestyle elements like fame, fortune and glory to the table. The creators say "We're hoping to capture the game's passion and bring it together in a virtual world where players can literally live, breathe and eat football." Needless to say, any university students that have aspirations for a 1:1 degree and loves football don't stand a chance!


Football Superstars is a massively multi-Player online (MMO) game based on the immensely popular sport of football. Football Superstars is the first MMO to recreate the game of football and its associated lifestyle. Thousands of players within a huge online persistent world compete to become a football superstar leading to on- and off-pitch glory, fame and luxury.

You control one player, rather than an entire team and develop your player’s career from your first days at a football academy all the way towards stardom as a member of the first team of a successful premier club. Along the way you must train, develop your talent, learn new skills, tricks, abilities and use these new found abilities on and off the pitch to further your football career.Interact with a world full of real human opposition, make allegiances, form clubs, create private competitions, or just show off with a kick-about with friends on the beach. Communicate with any other member of the game world using headsets or in-game chat.

Ultimately you can enjoy the glory and fame of playing with the best players in the world, competing in a faithful representation of leagues, cups and eventually even the glories of the world cup.

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