Endless freshness

Just seen this very good ambient for Clorets in China. Found via http://inventorspot.com

Steve Levine film

We are making a series of short films for Harman Kardon at the moment with music producer Steve Levine. While it is true Steve is a Grammy award winning producer of countless hits its the fact he worked on the first Clash album that really appealed to me.
Steve Levine & Philip Slade

Client V Designer, thanks to Ron S for pointing it out

like Mashable but without the ads

This is another trend/latest web high lighter, almost as good as mashable but without the ads
Worth 15 minutes of your day, or in their words; Irie is an international Web Design portal featuring cutting-edge websites, ideas that hold water and images that last.irie is both: a source for Web Design inspiration and a Web Design showcase covering the best websites, best microsites, best promotional sites and campaigns on a daily basis. Plus looks like its part of the same gang that produce Imin.de a fab photo reference site

Good placement for our new Zantac campaign

Note the position of both Steve Harmison's and our models arms!

Larking about in the Black Forest

IMG_0247, originally uploaded by piehead.

Spent a few days last week in a very pretty bit of Germany making a film about an amazing bit of audio technology called Halosonic. A joint collaboration between Lotus Engineering and Harman International. However the second most eyecatching thing of the trip was the Avis car pool at Stuttgart airport. Not only a couple of Porsche Panamare's but a GT3 with roll cage and racing gloves neatly folded on the drivers seat!