Sorry about the out of office reply(s) ?

mmmm I may have sent a large number of my contacts multiple 'out-of-office' replies by mistake, the curse of trying to be clever with email late at night after a very long day, sorry again chaps, won't happen again (well not for two weeks at least as I'm off on hols)

Another great portfolio from China

This is yet another really good motion graphic portfolio from China.
Xiaosi an Art Director from Bejing.

New Job?

Account Director (£45K) needed to help manage expanding client base.
Entrepreneurial self-starter with a good understanding of how small agencies operate.

We are looking for a creatively minded, inquisitive thinker to join a small multi-discipline team. You should have a strong interest in the changing nature of today’s communications.

You will have already had responsibility for day-to-day management on a portfolio of client accounts. Now seeking a greater autonomy and a bigger contribution to the running of an agency.

We are: t7F London.

We call ourselves brand strategists for the real world. We develop and launch challenger brands. We re-focus and re-energise tired or maturing brands. We realise our ideas across whichever media channel is appropriate from broadcast to social networks.

Our work is very varied but can be categorised as dealing with ‘awkward’ market conditions. For instance: an online navigation and music discovery mash-up for Harman Kardon; a TV spot and social network activity for FRONTLINE Spot-on; a Facebook campaign for First Drinks Brands; and the launch of a new weight management product, Appesat, using press, posters and online.

t7F London is part of The Terrace, a group of three owner-managed communication agencies.

AW Media founded in 1987 and still going strong as a full service media independent.

Nextdoor a new digital media specialist. Planning, buying and creating.

t7F London was founded by Robert Thackery and Philip Slade, there is a whole load more online if you look.

Ask 500 (well mostly 20) People

Instant polling from (almost) 500 souls online.
A great idea for a web site, not fully doing its bit yet. Still a rather fun way of gleaning instant info from a mainly American audience. Do like the new business feature for brands to ask questions