SeaFrance trip

Thanks for that photo below Philip, here's my revenge!!! In my defence, I had only had 4 hours sleep due to the fear of missing the alarm.

We had a great journey over on SeaFrance and spent a cracking day in Wimereux, a beautiful little seaside town about 20 minutes outside Calais. Almost missed the return ferry, turning up at Calais 10 minutes before departure...but still got on (wouldn't advise doing this as we were a tad stressed hurtling up the motorway!) Plus we clearly looked a bit on edge as we were pulled over by security twice between passport control and the ship!! Great day trip though and would highly recommend it.

A very early start

Fiona & Katy, originally uploaded by piehead.

dedication to the cause, part 5. Joint t7F London and AW Media research trip aboard SeaFrance to Calais. A very jolly day with a number of top 'incidents' -however the 6am train that kicked it all off was not that welcome by all.

Youporn takes a festive (f)tumble

Oh the joys of analytics! while the new Googletrends has invaluable use for measuring effectiveness of your campaign it also is a fab way of livening up a dull Wednesday.

Witness this screen shot showing an alarming drop in Youporn visitors over the Christmas holiday - The workers of the world (well loads of: Americas, Germans, Italians and a few Brits) obviously prefer there porn during office hours rather than interrupting carols round the log fire.
Note also the dip at Easter and 'schools effect' in the first two weeks of September.

A side note is that youporn** appears to be one of the few web2.0 adult sites - notwithstanding its gratuitous use of reflections.
(**so I am told by our hard working researchers on the subject- Craig & Nick from AW Media )

Book promotion

This is a neat idea, frustrated author gives book away to gain reviews. There is a linking blog HERE
I have seen 'pass-it-on' type promotions before but this seems much more of a personal journey for the author - all the more real for it. Book seen just of Bloomsbury Square by the way.

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The Shelf Awards

Last night saw the final of the Shelf Awards, Gary Sharpen's idea to promote the best students into the limelight. Major Players did the business with making it happen, as well as stumping up the bar tab for the finals! The winners Cass Fergusan & Chris McKee ( & should be watched with care they are going to be something in the not to distant future. I also really liked Laura Evans and Harry Stanfords Babybell sculptures idea. Pictures HERE

Share the love! this is the feed i was talking about below.

Twitter saves the day(s) -well minus losing the client bit

I have in the past been rather down on the whole Twitter malarky, '...little more than passing notes in class..' I believe I wrote, however due to work pressures** I am having to skip this weeks excellent 2gether08 ideas conference. But lo! i shall not miss the ball, as I am actually following the whole thing via Twitter in real time and then cross referencing to the speakers and /or blog comments mean i can pretty much keep abreast of some of the great thinking featured. NOT a convert to Twitter - just a grateful user! (neat how-to Twitter HERE) Thanks to David willcox.

** second client in a year to go into admistration, glory be, we've really upset the gods this week.

Orange balloon race

Did anyone else take part in the Orange balloon race? I half wish I had shown more dedication to the cause given the prize was a week in sunny Ibiza with a load of friends. Still, my racoon (Cederic Sneer - remember him?) finished in the top decile - not too bad out of over 30,000 racers - and given the fact I obviously have a full-time job!
Right, I'm off to re-live my childhood with 80's cartoons...

am I missing something? Pimms Vs Club 18-30

The current Pimms ad appears to be just a poor copy of the famous Saatchi's club 18 - 30 campaign or have I missed something? The Pimms ad shows a nudist beach (just in case we missed this there is a sign in the background 'Naturist Beach') everyones rude bits are then covered up by objects in frame. Only its not as subtle or funny as the Club 18-30 version, what's going on? -is it some kind of in joke? Really does not seem to hang together with the rest of the Pimms campaign featuring a festival bus and online sunshine spotter.