A brand that really cares for its customers

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The AA, Coming to the rescue whether you have a car or not!

Is that pink enough sir?

Our golddigga Q7 had its first outing at the Radio1 Big Weekend. What you might call rather pink. Due to be seen (hopefully) all over the UK this summer. Jamie at Carisma Automotive did the business with a vinyl wrap.
While Fiona was driving it down she was approached by the Highway patrol at a service station who remarked '...what a fantastic vehicle you have...' we're still debating whether that was irony or not.

Cans Festival Waterloo

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My Flickr set HERE of The Cans street stencil event last weekend. Video of event HERE

woooah, sun!

Today we'll be mainly working with the window open! -aircons not back on after its winter hibernation

Find your self

Now this is cool, an aggregator that actually works. Type any term or phrase to see a comprehensive list of its mentions across the web. Fab for research, but even better for checking how often your own name crops up across the net!

Starbucks innovation?

Bland Paul McCartney CD's aside, Starbucks is on something of an reinvention frenzy right now. The new iphone 'order and pay' system is rather neat. Considering the efforts the brand is putting into 'keeping it real' I really think that technological innovation is a better route than trying to re-invent its folksy past. There has been a huge amount written about how the brand was going to refocus and better understand its heritage. BUT the brand can't walk away from the strong feelings it imparts across Europe. It is an American brand. Unlike the blandness of Costa or the almost Italian of Nero's. Starbucks is a grown up corporation, albeit in jeans. I certainly would be warmer towards the outlets if they pushed technological innovation over a reworked pseudo Friends 'local'
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Great illustration

Fits the mood of today, a very sunny outlook. Brand Nu ( Radim Mallinic ) represented by Jellylondon