Robert gets the beers in

Robertgetsthebeersin, originally uploaded by t7F London.

Post pitch beers in Malmaison Reading

Check the wheels on that!

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Great meeting with Jamie Shaw of Carisma discussing our golddigga car project (no not the GTR mod in the background)
Jamie was the real deal, someone totally into their work. A great chap with loads of energy, we are really looking forward to working with them, although they could do with getting some heating in the workshops.
N.B. Carisma are the boys who build all the cars for MTV's Pimp My Ride UK

Childhood heroes

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Yup me and Lenin. On MCCA duties at Avalon Entertainment meeting with the very funny Dave Gorman. Random fact we both wear the same Muji watch.

Quiet night out at The Theme Bar awards

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The ever charming Sam Surl takes charge of our entertainment at the Theme Bar awards Jan 2008

Weird weather & donuts

Monday as ever a scramble to get everything on track for the week, but enliven by a big box of donuts and some amazing weather, frosty bright sunshine first thing, followed by an end of the world style sunset.

Found while researching 'mapping'

This is a really clever 360 scrowlable image of London HERE. There is a 180 film of a drive through Berlin HERE. Not as cool as Immersive Video who can do 360 film of just about anything. but passes the time while i'm supposed to be finishing a presentation for tomorrow.